**How many People can Government Govern?** with Dr. Donald Livingston 04/16/12

Dr. Livingston is a former professor of philosophy at Emory University and a founding member of the Abbeville Institute.
He is the editor of and contributor to a new book, Rethinking the American Union for the Twenty-First Century .

Have people forgotten that size and scale are monumentally important to political order?

Would a jury function very well if it was made up of 120 people?

Of course not! It would be madness.
Perhaps then we should reconsider whether ONE United States representative can in any meaningful sense “represent” approximately 716,000 people!

Have we abandoned the individual rights philosophy of the American Revolution- and adopted the collectivist, Jacobin philosophy of the French Revolution?

One nation, indivisible under the Rousseauian concept of the “general will”- the general will interpreted of course by black robed deities like Joseph Story, and John Marshall.

If states began to secede from the American Union, would the territory descend into chaos and “anarchy”?

We can only hope for the latter! The fear-mongering of political centralizers is, as usual, more bark than bite. The Soviet reign of misery only ended when states began to SECEDE from the Soviet Union. For governance, smaller is better- ideally, down to a size of ONE.

We discuss these issues and more in this interview. Tune in, and consider picking up a copy of this superb book. You can find it by clicking here!

With Radio Free Market Host Aaron Brown.

Play mp3 here    RFM_Donald_Livingston_Final_041612

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