Democracy: The God That Failed with Andy Duncan

Why do we Mutter the Mantra:

  • More Government!
  • More Government!
  • More Government!

Where did we get the idea that Democracy was better than Monarchy – or even good at all?

In this penetrating interview Andy Duncan presents the scholarship of Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe and his vitally important book "Democracy, The God That Failed."

This interview was conducted by Mr. Greg Moffitt of the website

We have noted that NEW libertarians most often embrace a "limited government" or "MINARCHIST" approach FIRST.

Then, if they become politically active, they cannot escape the conclusion that the problem is with government itself.

We need laws. We need rules.

But we do not need government to create, arbitrate or enforce those laws and rules.

We have all been brought up to believe that Democracy is the best way to organize a human society.

Based on results – is this so?

What other practical option is there?

RadioFreeMarket World Report is proud to recommend this excellent interview.

Please listen to this podcast that quite likely will change your life.

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