**What does Liberty even Mean?** Reviewing Ron Paul’s new book Liberty Defined with Dr. David Gordon 2/19/12 RFM

Dr. David Gordon is a senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He is the author of Resurrecting Marx and several other books. He is also the editor of The Mises Review.

Neither political party are different, they do the exact same things. Do my eyes deceive me?

Ron Paul doesn’t think so. He knows that both parties want to steal your money to pay for different things- but they still want to steal your money.

One group wants the welfare state, the other wants the warfare state, but BOTH want the State to be bigger and more intrusive in your life!

As James J. Martin famously said, Republicans and Democrats are “two wings of the same bird of prey”.

You will learn how this system comes about-and what it is doing to you.

Bi-partisanship is always made to seem like a good word.

This show will teach that whenever you hear bi-partisanship, expect MORE GOVERNMENT in your life and LESS FREEDOM to do what you want with your own body and property.

Sick of bailouts? Debt? The wars?

Whatever your issue is, we ALL have the same problem, whether directly or indirectly, covert or overt- the State.

Liberty is the crucial issue of our time. Forget the leaves on the tree of the problem, we want to find and address the ROOT.

What we need is an understanding of how property rights, respect for our fellow man, and non-aggressive interaction WILL lead us to a freer and more prosperous society.

Most people in politics give us platitudes that justify making the State BIGGER and its control over us stronger.

Ron Paul’s book squarely discusses 50 issues from Abortion to Zionism *from a Liberty perspective* and gives us *other options than central command and control* in the solving of our problems.

Please join us for this show which discusses how Ron Paul’s newest book, Liberty Defined, addresses these vitally important issues.

With Radio Free Market Special Commentator and Show Creator Mr. Christopher Oppermann.

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