How to become an Austrian Investor

How to become an Austrian Investor, with Andy Duncan.

In this age of financial repression, in which governments are increasingly tempted to use regulation to force people to buy government bonds delivering lower rates of return than the rate of inflation, and printing money to buy these bonds via central banks to keep these interest rates low, thereby diminishing your future wealth to benefit the government, it may make sense for people to take control of their own savings investments, to provide for themselves in a potentially difficult financial future.

But I wondered how I could do this and incorporate the principles of Austrian Economics ( which we at RFMWR like to call Reality Economics)?

It can be intimidating to get started. So I thought I would ask Dominic Frisby, of Frisby’s ‘Bulls and Bears’, and a regular broadcaster for GoldMoney foundation, plus a writer for MoneyWeek magazine, to explain how I could become an Austrian-style private investor.

Dominic helped me understand how I could become my own central bank via the purchase of precious metals, how I could set myself up as a home-based equities investor, and how I could research my stock targets, particularly in the hard assets sector, via books, the Internet, and various newsletters.

We cover much else along the way, in this 21-minute podcast.

DISCLAIMER: No investment advice is being given or recommended by, or Michael McKay. The opinions being expressed are that of Mr. Frisby alone.

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