The Rise of the Global Zombie Banks

By Andy Duncan

We used to mock the Japanese for creating a plethora of Zombie Banks at the start of their two lost decades, but it appears that the American and European governments wish to walk down the same path of morbidity into the exact same fiduciary land of the living dead.

Rick Rule talks to Eric King about this situation, its significance, and how he thinks it will play out with the superior American technology of counterfeiting now ‘coming to the rescue’ of the ECB.

Obviously, Eric King brings his guest around to the gold and silver mining industry, but Mr Rule actually gives us some good advice on how to avoid being caught up the market frenzy that will take place, once gold really starts to take off, which you’ll know about when your taxi driver starts trying to take his fares in your gold jewellery:

Continuing the Austrian Internet Vigilante theme, Nigel Farage then details the total loss of democracy in Italy and the similar situation in Greece, as the global kleptocratic elite execute their dictatorial business in these two countries in the full public view, with a virtual complete lack of comment by the government-licensed mainstream media on these former dictatorial homes of Mussolini and the Greek Colonels.

This might end less than well:

As Mr Farage states, it is amazing that the new Italian prime minister, Three-card Monti, is unelected. But to borrow the hyperbole schtick from the leader of the UK Independence party, it is absolutely flabbergasting that Mr Monti’s entire new cabinet of ministers is also completely unelected.

It would appear that the global kleptocratic elite agree with Professor Hoppe, in thinking that democracy truly is a god that has failed.

For completeness, and to add some dessert to your King World News Saturday feast, next up on the menu is Gerald Celente. This is an interesting interview, but if you heard Mr Celente’s earlier talk this week with Lew Rockwell, much of the same ground is re-covered:

To finish off the cheese course, we head to the KWN weekly metals wrap, but this is perhaps more for the truly hardcore gold bugs out there. I loved it! 

This is mainly because they discuss Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises, as well as the usual precious metals news:

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