Richard Maybury on Ancient Rome, America Today and The Deadly Ideas We Inherited which Keep Us At WAR 12/03/11 RFM

**Ancient Rome, America Today and The Deadly Ideas We Inherited which Keep Us At WAR with author Richard Maybury **
Richard Maybury is known by investors around the world for his Reality Economics based newsletter, Early Warning Report. He is also the author of the “Uncle Eric” series of books which have been used by parents for two decades for their Home Schooling Curriculum. Richard teaches the fundamental interrelationship between ETHICS, LAW, ECONOMICS and what he calls “Our Human Ecology”.
  • What is the Roman Disease and is America suffering from it today?
  • What is the difference between Roman Law and Common Law? Why did Americas founders fear Roman Law and try to establish America more in Common Law?
  • What parts of Ancient Rome make up our “Mental Furniture” that we dangerously take for granted?

  • Is America “War Shopping” today and how is this connected with Ancient Rome?
  • Did the 1970’s Public School Program – still in force today – called “Values Clarification” train the last two generations that “Right and Wrong are just a matter of opinion?” What does this mean for our future?

In this extraordinary interview Richard Maybury gives us comprehensive insights that will clarify Where America Is Today and how we can navigate through these times to a better tomorrow.

Of all the shows we have ever done on Radio Free Market I consider this one of the most important. Please share this with all you care about.

Further, please go to where I urge you to subscribe to his Early Warning Report and read his excellent series of books.

You will find out why many people have called Richard “The 2500 Year Old Man” who has tied together a deep study of History and Reality Economics and is a very gifted Teacher and Adviser.

It is my sincere hope that everyone will avail themselves of Mr. Maybury’s work.

With Radio Free Market Host, Michael McKay.

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