Mr. Douglas French on Does a College Degree = A Job? 10/08/11 RFM

** Does a College Degree = A Job? Think Again! Understanding the Higher Education Bubble ** with Mr. Douglas French


Douglas French is the president of the Ludwig vonMises Institute. He received his Master’s degree under Murray Rothbard and is a former banker and expert on financial markets. He has written numerous articles and several books, including Early Speculative Bubbles and Increases in the Money Supply.

Wait – another bubble? You’re crazy! We just had one in real estate!

A bubble in any area is not a matter of probability it is a matter of policy and AN ABSENCE OF SOUND, FREE-MARKET MONEY!! And governments all around the world, including our own, can’t seem to realize that is is THEIR POLICIES that CREATE the bubbles!

But I can’t get hired unless I have a college degree!

Doug French presents why this is pure bunk. Simple economics tells us the bigger the supply of college grads out there, the less valuable the degree is!

OK, maybe I will be able to get a job without a degree, but it would be a lot easier!

Doug French explains how this is largely a myth, left over from bygone generations that had faith in the college degree- because it then actually meant something!

When most prices have gone down, how is it that college prices have continued  to SKYROCKET during the last few decades?

Hmm… could it be because of the Federal Government’s guarantee of student loans – loans created out of THIN AIR by the Federal Reserve?

Well if I don’t go to college – what do I do?!?!?

As Michael McKay, founder of Radio Free Market says, We are all speculators now! The time you spend in college is time you could have spent learning a skill that will actually make you valuable to a company or enable you to START YOUR OWN business. Imagine that – investing in yourself without becoming a slave to your college debt!

Perhaps you should carefully evaluate whether a College Education is the Right Choice!

This show will be vital to any person, student or parent, who is evaluating College, the Job Market and the relative merits of investing in a College Education.

With Radio Free Market Show Creator and Guest Host, Mr. Aaron Brown and Special Commentator Mr. Edward Furst.

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