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Introduction by Roman Skaskiw


Many of my literary friends describe themselves as fervent leftists. Some even believe all great art is (and must inevitably be) produced by people who are similar to them politically. This absurd idea has bothered me since my several-year-old discovery and devotion to libertarianism. I now see literature in a different light. My new website, romansbookreport.com, and corresponding youtube channel is my argument to my former self who accepted without critical thinking the bias of my professors and friends. I begin with Joseph Conrad’s satirical novel "The Secret Agent" which is overtly anti-Marxist and anti-Communism, exposing the hypocrisy and contradiction of those philosophies with all the subtlety and precision of Ludwig von Mises, who engaged these subjects directly.

I will critique literature which supports ideas of individual liberty, and literature which opposes such ideas. I will also review non-fiction books which have been critical to my devotion to liberty and property rights in the tradition of Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and Hans-Hermann Hoppe.


Michael McKay, Founder of RadioFreeMarket.com heartily recommends RomansBookReport.com

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