Joshua Fulton on There Was Welfare before the Welfare State 08/20/11 RFM

** There Was Welfare before the Welfare State with Joshua Fulton **
Joshua Fulton is a graduate student studying Creative Writing at the University of North Carolina. He has been published in The North American Review, Mises Daily, Liberty, USA and
The Twentieth Century saw the rise of the State controlled Welfare Systems throughout the world, but what existed previously? In this informative RFM interview, we talk with Josh Fulton about the history of Welfare and Charity in the United States.
  • Why was the Moose Lodge in your town formed in the first place?

Health Care, Health Insurance, and many other forms of charity and assistance were provided Privately by Mutual Aid Societies for much of American history by many lodges and other volunteer run organizations.

  • Did charity-run schools work better than public schools? In fact, they did!
  • If this worked so well how was this system destroyed?

We will discuss how various interests eliminated this system of Peaceful and Voluntary Cooperation when the created the Modern Welfare State and tell you who they were and how they did it.

We also discuss the current state of Health Care and how more regulations reduce our choices and make everything more expensive.

Please Tune in to learn The Important Real History of how a Voluntary System of Charity and Healthcare was replaced by the Coercive Welfare State and how we can reclaim this Peaceful Cooperation System again. With Guest Host and Producer Drew Hjelm.

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