Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo on Hamilton’s Curse: Central Banking and Permanent Big Government 08/13/11 RFM

** Hamilton’s Curse: Central Banking and Permanent Big Government with Dr. DiLorenzo **

*Special Interview with Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo, author of ‘Hamilton’s Curse’. Dr. DiLorenzo is a Professor of Economics at Loyola University and is also the author of many important books such as “The Real Lincoln” and “How Capitalism Saved America”.

  • Ever wonder where the idea of “Debt Financed Government” came from in America?
  • Why is it that we do not have a Pay-As-You-Go type Government? Is it Possible?
  • What is the connection of Hamilton’s ideal of a Central Bank and the USA becoming the self-appointed Policeman of the World?

Please join us for a lively discussion on how Alexander Hamilton and his adoring fans have undercut the US Constitution and saddled us with a Central bank and Interventionist Government.

Tom discusses how we are living under Fascialism, a term he coined to show how we are living under a combination of Fascism and Socialism.

This is truly one of our best interviews ever. Hosted by Michael McKay


[audio http://radiofreemarket.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/rfm-thomas-dilorenzo-final-081311.mp3]
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