Professor Pat Barron and Mr. Cole Cheney on Answering Your Questions 07/30/11 RFM

** Answering YourQuestions with Pat Barron and Cole Cheney **

Professor Patrick Barron is a private consultant in the banking industry. He teaches in the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin and teaches Austrian Economics at the University of Iowa. Mr. Cole Cheney is an undergraduate at the University of Iowa majoring in Finance and Economics who is a student of Professor Barron.

Together they will provide a Professor’s (read that: Older Person’s) Perspective as contrasted with a Younger Person’s Perspective on a wide range of Current Events and Topics, such as:

* Why does the U.S. (and so many other countries) have so much government debt now?  Why didn’t governments get themselves so heavily into debt in the 19th century and earlier?

* What’s wrong with governments just printing as much money as they need to pay off their debts, bail out key industries that get into trouble, and give everyone lots of welfare benefits?

* Wouldn’t the U.S. go into a permanent depression if the government stopped spending so much money? Why we should – and HOW WE CAN – address America’s Monetary and Fiscal Mess which is WORSE than that of Greece, Spain, Italy and Ireland.

* What is the Mainstream Press NOT covering and NOT reporting? Is the PRESS partially at fault?  Should we call them ‘PRESSTITUTES’? 

* What is the implication of the growing Sound Money Movement in Utah, Switzerland and what this means to you.

* What is the future for Social Security and Medicare…..and how is it going to affect you and your age group?

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