Dr. Yuri Maltsev on What America urgently needs to learn 7/16/11 RFM

** What America urgently needs to learn: Lessons from the Demise of the Soviet Union** with Dr. Yuri Maltsev

Dr. Yuri Maltsev, the author of Requiem for Marx, is a world renowned economist and historian who fled the Soviet Union in 1989 and continues today to advise the US Government on foreign policy and economic matters.

Yuri‘s unique background provides insights all Americans need to hear today.

The Soviet system, despite describing itself as the ideal of Equality and Fairness, was in fact a system of Slavery, Economic Destitution and Mass Murder.

Why do some Americans say they are FOR Socialism and against Communism? Dr. Maltsev answers that they do not understand EITHER Communism nor Socialism. In this vitally important interview he clears up this confusion.

Though the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union has since collapsed, we Americans have not learned WHY and are still not listening to those, like Dr. Maltsev, who have been tirelessly yelling at us to STOP before we go over the cliff into the abyss of a Police State. We are repeating the same historical mistakes that led Russia to become ‘Soviet Russia’; into a hell of centralization, terror and a system of Mass Slavery.

It CAN happen here and – incrementally over the past many years – Dr. Maltsev talks about how he has watched aghast as it IS happening here.

Dr. Maltsev points out the many ways our Property Rights and Basic Freedoms we Americans cherish are SYSTEMATICALLY ERODING – and what we can do to stop this deadly spiral.

During this very important show, Dr. Maltsev presents the real ways to reverse this trend and create real growth and prosperity for all: real property rights, the rule of law and preventing the incremental growth of government and bureaucracy.

Please join us as we interview Dr. Yuri Maltsev on these vital lessons that we can learn today – that we NEED to learn – from the fall of the Soviet Union.

The collapse of the Soviet Union shows us that there are two paths from which we can choose: the Soviet path of Slavery and Coercion, or the way of peace, prosperity and freedom.

This show was inspired by Dr. Maltsev’s lecture to the Austrian Scholars Conference held in Auburn, Alabama, in March. 2011. Please read the entirety of his lecture which you can find posted on our Radio Free Market blog which is linked here.

This show was developed, and recorded by Radio Free Market Guest Host, Mr. Christopher Oppermann.

Play mp3 here RFM_Yuri_Maltsev_Final_071611



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