Mr. Michael McKay on Reality Economics and Peaceful Cooperation 06/11/11 RFM

** Reality Economics and Peaceful Cooperation. Is There a Peace, Prosperity and Freedom Formula? **

This show is a lecture on Reality Economics, Peaceful Cooperation and the Peace, Prosperity and Freedom Formula, delivered by Michael J. McKay, Radio Free Market founder and host, to the Introduction to Austrian Economics class at the University of Iowa.

What Special Advantage does the study of Reality Economics (aka “Austrian Economics”) afford the Businessman?

Is it Practical to talk about Privatizing Everything? How could we structure a society based on Peaceful Cooperation? What can we learn from the historical reference of “Separating the CHURCH from the State”- which was inconceivable only a few hundred years ago?

What else can we – should we – separate from “The State”?

Is there a “Formula” for Society to live in more Peace, Prosperity and Freedom?

What are its elements?

What does history teach us about the progress towards this ideal?

Most importantly, where does real change have to take place?

In this lecture delivered to the University of Iowa in February 2011, Radio Free Market’s founder and host Michael McKay, discusses each of these questions and their answers. Please join us for this very important show.

For the Text of Michael’s lecture please go here.

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