Dr. Walter Block on How to Create New Jobs – For Real Part II 03/05/11 RFM

**How to Create New Jobs – For Real Part II, with Dr. Walter Block**

Dr. Block is a Professor of Economics at Loyola University in New Orleans and a Senior Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

Do Government Licensing Laws Destroy Jobs and hurt the poorest of the poor?

Do licensing laws help make you safer or give you higher quality goods and services? Does it drive up prices for everyone? Do we really need the government to shut down children’s lemonade stands for our own protection?

Was it the government that created better working conditions for laborers? Does the Federal Reserve by creating money out of thin air endanger the entire economy and everyone in it? We will discuss these important issues in our second interview with Walter Block on Jobs and Employment.

This interview is the second of a series of Foundational Understanding shows with Dr Walter Block on this all important topic of Employment. I encourage all listeners to take notes and listen to this show more than once. Please tell all your friends and family about it.

With Special Commentators and Co-Host Mr. Aaron Brown and Ms. Zoe Russell.

Play mp3 here RFM_Walter_Block_Final_030511

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