Mr. Mark Crovelli on Anarchy & Peaceful Cooperation – Views of a Construction Working Philosopher 2/05/11 RFM

**Anarchy & Peaceful Cooperation – Views of a Construction Working Philosopher** with Mr. Mark Crovelli

Mark Crovelli holds a Master’s Degree in political science from the University of Colorado, Boulder and is a frequent contributor to , and Libertarian Papers.

Mark likes to call himself a ‘Construction Working Philosopher’, referring to his day job, and an ‘Anarcho-Capitalist’.

What does ‘Anarchy’ really mean – does it automatically mean Chaos or does it mean Peaceful, Non-governmental Cooperation? Does the State protect us – or oppress us?  Do we even need Government; if so – how much? Is there a Peaceful alternative to Government? Would private police be preferable to government police, for example?  In this week’s show we discuss with Mr Crovelli these questions – and many more!

It is true that we need Rules and Laws in Society. The Question is whether we need The State for them to exist or to be enforced.  How would a society based on Peaceful Cooperation even work? Is the inherent competition of the Marketplace desirable to only having One Option Of Central Control.

Is this Utopian Pie-In-The-Sky-Thinking or are there actual Free Market examples working today that provide essential government services?


This show was developed by Mr Luke McGrath who contributes also as Special Commentator.  Hosted by Michael McKay


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