Dr Mark Thornton on Predicting Business Boom and Bust Cycles 06/26/10 RFM

** Predicting Business Boom and Bust Cycles: Why The Austrian School Has Gotten It Right for 100 Years ** with Dr. Mark Thornton.  Mark is a Senior Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute ( http://mises.org/ ). For the past 26 years he has been an acclaimed scholar of Austrian Economics which provides basic economic principles of How the World of Money Really Works. In this lively conversation listeners will learn Why Does Austrian Economics Successfully Predict Booms and Busts and What Those in Charge in Washington are Missing.  You will want your Elected Officials as well as all of your Friends, Family and Contacts to listen to this show.  With Special Guest Host, Patrick Barron, Professor of Economics at University of Iowa and the Graduate Banking Program at the University of Wisconsin, along with Host Michael McKay.

[audio http://radiofreemarket.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/rfm_mark_thornton_final_062210.mp3]
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