Dr Yuri Maltsev on Lessons from Greece 05/29/10 RFM

** Lessons from Greece. Who Will Bailout America? ** Interview and Insights with Dr. Yuri Maltsev. The World has watched in rapt attention: Will the European Union Collapse?  What can we in the USA learn from the European Debt Debacle and What does this mean for Our Future? Dr Maltsev, a world renowned economist and historian, defected from the Soviet Union in 1989 and continues to advise the US Government on foreign policy and economic matters.  This is a fascinating discussion that will give you an excellent perspective of What is Happening in the European Union and How it May Affect You and Your Family for Years to Come. Hosted by Michael McKay, with Special Guest Host, Mr. Patrick Barron, instructor at the University of Wisconsin’s Graduate Banking Program.

Play mp3 here RFM Yuri Maltsev and Pat Barron Final 052910

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