Mr Douglas French on Welcome to Zimbab- USA! 05/08/10 RFM

Welcome to Zimbab-USA! with Mr. Douglas French, the President of the Mises Institute in Auburn Alabama ( Doug is a former banker who received his Masters Degree in Economics under Drs. Murray Rothbard and Hans-Hermann Hoppe. In this show Doug, presents why Hyper-inflation CAN happen here and Lessons from Zimbabwe that the USA Urgently Needs to Learn. Zimbabwe currently has the most severe Hyper-Inflation in the world yet most people know very little about the details. Learn in this interview the dangerous similarities between the strategies of Zimbabwe’s Central Bank that brought about their turmoil and the misguided strategies of our very own ‘Helicopter‘ Ben Bernanke. You will want to study this show and share it with others. Hosted by Michael McKay along with Special Commentator Mr. Patrick Barron who teaches An Introduction to Austrian Economics at the University of Iowa.

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