Mr Warren Miller on Conquered by Accountants 04/03/10 RFM

Conquered by Accountants! How Changes in Accounting Standards (AKA Rules) Can Threaten Your Freedom An Interview with Mr. Warren Miller, CPA, Managing Member of I met Warren at the Austrian Scholar’s Conference in Auburn, Alabama on March 11, 2010 where he presented a very important paper outlining the Danger of Global Accounting Standards and how they are going to impact you and your family. This is a very important topic that most people do not have any idea about. Warren is a gifted communicator who will carefully explain – in terms you can understand – why manipulating Accounting Standards can make it harder for businesses to operate, for you to hold and find a job and will reduce your standard of living.  Warren’s wry wit and sharp intellect makes the topic of Accounting Standards actually fun and engaging.  This is a vitally important topic for you to learn about. You will want all your friends and family to hear – and study – this show. Hosted by Michael McKay.

Play mp3 here RFM Warren Miller Final 040310

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