Dr Yuri Maltsev on Communism and so-called ‘Soft’ Socialism 11/21/09 RFM

Our Early Thanksgiving Show is a Re-Broadcast of our Exclusive Interview and unique in-person conversation with Dr. Yuri Maltsev about what most Westerners probably do not know about Communism and so-called ‘Soft’ Socialism.  Yuri is an economist and author of ‘Requiem for Marx‘, who defected in 1989 from the Soviet Union and was a member of then-President Gorbachev’s perestroika reform team. He has been an outspoken defender of Liberty for twenty years around the world. Listening to Yuri’s stories will inspire you to be even More Thankful for our Liberties and have you understand why we – urgently – must protect and defend them.  This is a profound celebration of Thanksgiving Day through learning. Hosted by Michael McKay.

Play mp3 here RFM Yuri Maltsev Final 112109

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