How to Win the Revolution Peaceably

Richard Maybury has in the following two Youtube videos given a formula on how to use Humor and Ridicule effectively to turn the rising tide of Socialism and Fascism in America. While he is not a great Stand Up Comedian by any stretch he is bringing out a brilliant idea that could have real, positive effects if enough of us started popularizing and making more obvious to others how dangerously stupid and insane our current Monetary and Fiscal course is.

Part One (8:54):

Part Two (9:10):

He is right about one thing: Humor is an Easy Way for us to remember and to transmit Knowledge to others. His practical recommendations in Part Two are excellent.

Please take the small amount of time required to watch these two short videos which total 18 minutes together.

They will get you thinking in a whole other direction and will be very worth your time – and just maybe YOU could become Rich and Famous because of it.

Some may think that this approach is far too light – and they could be right. Nevertheless, it could have a very positive effect. It is worth it for those with this talent to give it the time and effort to see.

It is one more thing that we can do.
In Liberty,

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