Edward Perry, G.P. Manish and Christopher Oppermann on Reality Economics 08/08/09 RFM

Interview with the three winners of the Young Scholars Competition held at Mises University 2009, Edward Perry, G.P. Manish and Christopher Oppermann. Host, Michael McKay and Special Commentator, Jeffrey Hedquist discussed with these gentlemen Why young people (and older people) need to learn Reality Economics, aka Austrian Economics and why their future economic health depends on it. Other topics covered were Why artificial interest rates set by the Federal Reserve hurt business people and – eventually all of us; What is the role of Ethics in Economics and How busy people can get educated in Reality Economics. Practical tips were given on how to learn the essentials quickly and easily using the resources at www.mises.org

Play mp3 here   RFM Young Scholars Final 080809

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